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Fishing with the Flu

Over the past few weeks I have been suffering with a terrible flu, leaving me completely drained of all energy and will. Unfortunately i still had to work as we had clients booked and did not want to let them down. This proved a lot harder than I thought as just getting from the bivvy to the bank was a complete drain. My mood and temperment worsened by the day and I knew I could not do onit my own. Thankfully I have a big and supportive family that came and filled in where i

could not. Mandi ran arrends and made sure that the clients were fed and happy and Andrew, my 19 year old home for the holidays, stayed on the bank doing everything that my body and mind would not allow. after 2 weeks i finally had a planned break and i had a week off to recover. barely leaving my bed, I

slowly got back to health and am ready and raring to go. Just in time as New client arrived today. wish us luck and watch tis space.


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