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After catching an 80lb mirror from Lake Orellana a few years back, breaking what I believe was the record carp from that region, I never thought that lightning would ever strike twice, especially on the River Ebro.

I have been fishing this amazing stretch for over 20 years now and although I have seen countless 50+ lb carp come out, with me catching my pb 58lb common just this year, I have always had my mind set on that magic 60lb Ebro carp. So you can imagine what was going through my head when just this week we landed an astonishing 76lb 14oz giant Ebro mirror.

I am still reeling from all this and trying my best to wrap my brain around it all. I do suppose that if you fish 24 hours a day nearly 365 days a year it may not be just luck,

it may just be inevitable.


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