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Fishing when the River is in flood

The Ebro River is known for its massive carp & catfish, but an incredible amount of variables can affect our ability to fish. Whether it is freak storms, algae blooms, water temperatures, or any number of other circumstances, one thing that makes my life as a fishing guide nearly impossible is when they open the dam's floodgates and purge the system. Although I understand the necessity, it forces me to think outside the box and rely heavily on my years of knowledge and experience. This past spring was one such time. With a client due to come out and the river in full flood with multiple dams wide open working in tandem to push through the huge amount of winter meltwater from its base into the delta. This is not unusual. in fact, it is quite common during this time of year making the bulk of the river completely unfishable. I, however, have had a few spots in my back pocket just for this occasion.

With Barry, our client, at our doorstep, I loaded up my beat-up old Nissan Terrano and we set off in search of a swim. This video (linked below) depicts our adventure in search of a place to fish and more over to catch some big carp. How did we do? Click on the video below and find out.


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