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The Past Few Months on the Bank

the last 2 months have seen some great fish grace the banks. Darren davies came out and had a 51lb 8oz carp which upped his pb by over 20lb. Darren dodds came out for a weeks stay and had a marathon carp session where we hardly got any rest he landed 3 40s to 42lbs and caught over 22 30lb carp with 3 carp over 39lb we lost count of the twentys. other groups have caught well with most clients going home with lots of 30lb carp and more 40s being caught. Nick had a result why waiting in between clients and landed a memorable 52lb fish which he claims to be his most memorable capture ever with the fight being one of the best he has ever experianced.there have been catfish caught but most people have been targeting the carp .hopefully over the next months the catfish will finish spawning where we fish and they will begin there after feeding spell which can be exciting is a pic of my 52lb fish

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