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Stunning 51lb Ebro Beauty and a 150lb Catfish caught on a Carp Rod!

A relatively quiet week made way for an absolutely incredible night as client Craig Callaghan was awoken with the screaming siren of one of his carp rods. He soon found himself in a great fight with what would turn out to be a 51lb wild Ebro common. Not long after I was also jolted from my bivy as my carp rod ran off and I found myself into something massive as well. Much to my surprise it was not a carp on the end of my ine but a huge cat testing my strength as well as the strength of my gear. My 100lb braid and a size 8 crurve shank XX hook showed up for the fight as I fought hard and fast assuming that this beasts would soon free itself but after a grueling 45 minute battle I eventually managed to persuade it onto the bank successfully on my own with nearly zero visability.

I did however manage to get some terrible video footage as it was so dark, before it slowly found its way back into the depths of the Ebro. What a night. One neither of us will soon forget.


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