The View from the Ebro

Ebro Madness!

The start of the week began slowly. With the river rushing past as they opened up the gates up river making conditions difficult for our newest clients as they waited for things to calm down. But the flushing of the river presented a new opportunity as this meant that my favourite swim just beliw the dam would now be prime for carp fish. And was it ever. We changed swims quickly as I k ew that if we hadnt someone else would surly recognise the benefit and jump in. As luch would have it o one was biving up as I quick set up our gear eager to bait up and wait. We wouldnt have to wait long as the fish were prime and ready to feed on my specialized boilies one after another took our bait as we fought day in and out with some of the most stunning fish you would ever see. Full bellied and long to boot. They ended thier sessions with well over 50 carp in a matter of 72 hours. Arms aching and adrenaline pumping through thier veins like o ly the Ebro can offer. But the crowning fish was caught early last night as the sun set behind the mountains by my 16 year old daughter it went 41lbs. What a week! Be on the look out for this in the up coming weeks as we continue to roll out our vids. Meanwhile our latest vid featuring the 51lb stunner is out now. Check it out and give it a like and leave a comment as we love to hear from you Thank you so much for your continued support.

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