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last 3 months fishing with ebro carp fishing

well its been a while since i did a blog,as i have been fishing for the last 2 and half months solid and have had no time,but now i find myself with a little time off and able to write about some great fishing. The carp fishing over this period has had its ups and downs but we still managed to put some lovely carp on the bank,as such sessions as glen and Steve who had only ever fished with me once years back on the Riba stretch. we fished up river with the goal of a 40 and both lads caught with glen landing fish of 46lbs 8oz and 42lbs and Steve had a 44lb fish both new pbs for the lads,there were several other anglers over this period catching many 30s and 40lb carp i will put some new shots on the gallery of the carp. Cat fishing wise we had some great fishing with many 100 lb+ fish being caught rob and the barbel boys were joined by Paul and landed 7 100 lb fish in a week with everyone getting a ton,rob caught fish of 174 and 141 and Paul had fish of 151 and 130 ,other groups had similar success but the icing on the cake came for me on a day off,and one that i will never forget as i landed cats of 150 ,then a beast of a struggle with a 199 lb fish a new Pb that i caught on my own ,fortunately i managed to wave a Spanish boat over to help with the weighing. i was totally blown away and buzzing with the capture when another massive cat rolled on my area,with just the one rod out i fished on and 30 mins later i had a melter take and i literally could not stop the fish from despooling me obviously the monster i saw,a mammoth fish compared to the first,anyhow its a session that will live long in the memory. i will post some shots on the gallery of some great cat shots. tight lines nick

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