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Monsters of the Month Club

Every month we scan through our photos and pick out our most memorable catches to put on display.

Nice Fishing in November



It was a great session for Mark where he was able to beat his pb with this beast 48lbs 8oz river ebro gem.


Nick still over the moon with his near 200lb behemoth cat.




A Halloween Harvest for October 2014


   2 spookatular specials were caught this month by  Darren with his amazing  43lb belter and Nicks  whopper of a cat tilting the scales at 199lbs.


A real Bounty for September 2014


     What a result for our boys this month as Glen Davis was over the moon after his 46lb carp and with Rob Hilton landing his own prize with this amazing 174lb Cat.

Amazing Angling in

August 2014


a real beauty caught by  Carl when he joined us this month and landed this 164lb cat.

Crazy Cat Fishing in

 July 2014

Angus  must have been exhausted after landing this monster cat tipping the scales at 178lbs which was no doubt the highlight of their trip , after landing several 100lbs+ cats between them.


Good job boys and a special thank you to Andy Rooney who helped us out that week. Top angling!


A Golden Opportunity

June 2014

Hauke Roosenschoon definately deserves this title after recatching this incredible 154lb Mandarin which was caught by Nick 2 years back when it was only a tiddler at 150lbs

Fantastic Fifties

May 2014


Darren Davies and Nick Shattock easily made it into our "Monsters of the Month Club" do to the sheer size and beauty of these wild river specimens. Great job guys!

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